My background

Just a little introduction, so you'll know where I'm coming from.  I'm 48 years old, originally from North Carolina, am married to an incredible Canadian man and spend my time between Montreal and Florida.  Montreal is soooo beautiful, but has super-long winters!  Florida is soooo beautiful, but has super-hot summers! You get the point.


In my early 20's I worked in retail and managed a jewelry store.  Eventually, I transitioned to an office job with an insurance company to enjoy the "9 to 5" rather than "nights and weekends".  This job lead me to my husband and I worked in his business for 19 years.  My, how time flies.  Finally now, however, I have an opportunity to fulfill my own dreams and in December 2011, I decided to take that leap.


I have always been creative, but with an analytical side to balance.  I am influenced by my Mom who has taught art classes, run her own "artistic" cake decorating business, grows her own herbs and salads & loves to create (anything), and my Dad (God bless his soul) who was highly respected, successful, admired and adored in both his professional and personal life.  Add to that mix my husband's business intelligence & guidance and my supportive friends & family!  The best of ALL worlds, I must say.  


So that's me in a nutshell ... where I belong!  

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