Social media crash course

Twitter, here I come!  Yes, I've resisted the social media frenzy but honestly...when I saw that THE POPE was twittering I thought, "Holy cow..." (yep) ..."what am I missing out on?!".  So I've spent this week making a business FB page and now I'm working on (crash-course learning) a Twitter page.  New and exciting.  Hard to know what it will take to keep up social media, however, and create jewelry at the same time - AND fill orders AND do the accounting AND buy my parts & packaging AND do the inventory AND do marketing photographs!  Well, I'm a DO-er.  So I'm "doing".  Could always pay someone else, right?  Uhhh, not yet.  : )


I'll update you when my Twitter page is complete.  For now, go and visit my FaceBook page at and LIKE me.  Thanks for being by my side.

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