Kick-off to the Festival Fundi Blog

Low and behold, at 12:44 a.m. on Sept 22, 2013, the FESTIVAL FUNDI is born.

"Fundi" (pronounced like FOON-di) is an African word referring to someone with a certain expertise or skill. I am deeming myself the "Festival Fundi" and will hunt out as many local artisan festivals, shows and fairs as possible, reporting on interesting vendors, giving a first-hand opinion on what's being offered in general, taking photos, etc.  Basically, letting you know how these events stack up and which ones are worth putting on your "MUST SEE" list.  Hopefully this time next year, you'll have lots of blog info to look back over and decide which events YOU want to attend.  Quebec is FULL of incredibly talented and imaginative people, and I'm in search of THE MOST original artisans, artists and designers.  Let the quest begin!