Ste-Marthe Tomato Festival, 14Sept2013

I'm cheating a bit for this first report, because the Ste-Marthe Tomato Festival took place before the Festival Fundi was born, but this is where the Festival Fundi idea was conceived.  I saw some really talented people there and decided there needs to be someone to toot their horn FOR them (especially if they are like me and don't like to toot their own).  I participated in this festival, as a vendor, and my experience was excellent!  There was a great amount of foot traffic, but this time of the year is not the best for selling (school session just beginning, summer finished and too early for Christmas) so "exposure" is the main theme here for vendors. 




. Well-organized

. Cooking contest (tomatos, of course!)

. Approx. 20 product vendors

. Covered (tent)

. Food vendors onsite


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