Festival des Couleurs - Festival of Colours (Rigaud, QC)

Fun in the outdoors...

The Rigaud Festival of Colours took place on a gorgeous Thanksgiving weekend - with the exception of Thanksgiving Monday, which was drizzly early on but nonetheless warmish for this time of year.  I was curious to experience the "Jardin des Perles". For the first time, they placed all jewelry vendors in one location - not a great idea, in my thought, since a peruser would certainly bore of seeing one jewelry display after another.  I found they all blended together and looked alike...but then again, that's a testament to what's "out there" these days also.


It was easy, however, to find the standouts in this format!!  Two artisans easily caught my attention :  1) Arlette Lalonde Créations Bijoux and 2) Audrey Boudreault Joallière.  Arlette's use of colour combinations and metalwork were stunning and pleasing to the eye and she was such a pleasure to speak with.  She shares her passion with an enthusiasm that immediately takes you in.


But Audrey Boudreault is my #1 PICK for this festival.  I love "different" and different she is!  Audrey is a talented person whose pieces (in sterling silver and copper) are complete works of art. Her items are a MUST SEE and she is warm and welcoming.  Her style may not suit the masses, but whether or not you would wear her creations is beside the point...you appreciate her artistic vision and voice.  Bravo, Audrey!  Looking forward to seeing you again in the future.




 - Lots of room to browse around, nice location

 - Pole 2 had a wonderful guitarist, playing beautiful music under the trees up on Mt. Rigaud

 - Good parking and directions to sites once you get to the village

 - No ponies (as they had last year) for the kids

 - Only one person doing face painting (there was more than an hour wait)

 - No markings on the highway or at the exits to guide you

 - Needs more variety of artisans


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