1) Salon des Arts, St-Hyacinthe / 2) Place des Artisans, Verchères

On October 19th, the Festival Fundi went on the road and visited the Salon des Arts in St-Hyacinche and then the Place des Artisans in Vercheres, Quebec.  Both were great venues - St-Hyacinthe being held in a larger building with more vendors present but the Vercheres event had some uniqueness of its own.  




"Quality" is the best word I can find to describe this event.  There was plenty of walking room (although I constantly tripped over the cord-protectors that crossed the aisles!) and there were some very unique products represented.  There were animal-styled handpainted rocks (which I've seen in the southern U.S. but had never seen here in Quebec), wind harps (beautifully calming sound!), lovely handpainted scarves and blouses and so many other incredible products offered by talented people.  The Artisan of the Day, however, was Mr. Benoit Roy from "Aux Pieds du Roy" (At the King's Feet, www.auxpiedsduroy.com).  Mr. Roy creates gorgeous shoes, but his "guetres" caught my eye!  These Gaiters (English translation) can be added over your shoes to protect, add warmth or just change up your style.  Love them!  Very unique, and well-made.  Congratulations, Benoit Roy.



- Great quality of products and selection of artisans

- They only opened at 11:00 on Saturday

- Food wasn't fantastic (hot dogs were tiny-tiny!)

- Vendors were very warm and welcoming

- A "must see".  Worth the drive from Montreal.





This was a much smaller venue, and the heat from the lighting made me feel faint a time or two!  But the warmth was also welcoming and home-y.  I appreciated the handbags crafted from recycled clothing (by Josée Roy, Créations du coeur), the necklace pendants with your specific moon phase on the date of your birth (Luc Rouleau, Bijoux-lune Original), and the beautifully and uniquely-made birdhouses of Mr. Raymond Boyer.  My chosen "Artisan of the Day" for this show is sculpteur Michel Boire (www.michelboirepq.com) and his FABULOUS wood creations.  The "animal" (with lots of personality!) that he creates fits like a puzzle inside the actual wood that it was sculted from.  You can display the piece alone or in it's natural "casing".  It is really something you must see for yourself!



- Quite hot inside!

- A small venue

- Very welcoming artisans

- Easy to find