Westmount Artisans' Festival

This time it's a rainy Sunday, but I attended a warm and welcoming venue at Victoria Hall in Westmount.  Immediately upon entry, there is an inviting aura.  And I remained impressed as I perused the tables and spoke with the exhibitors, asking questions and information about their goods.  I found many talented people who put their hearts into their treasures.


One eye-catching, stand-out creation were the windchimes from "Chime of the century", make with cutlery and beautiful glass beads - more intricate than what I've seen prior with a similar style.  Another were the cute and colourful neck warmers (cowls) from Bouche Cousue (www.bouchecousue.ca). These are worth you checking out and ordering for yourself or a gift.  Help support these wonderful Quebec artisans!


My favorite, however...and keep in mind that I love "different" and "creative" put together (I need to find a word for that!  Differ-ative?)...are the hand-sewn characters from Amy Felske of "Incipient Madness" (www.froghollow.org/content/incipient-madness).  Her imagination just draws you in;  her creations take on a life of their own.  I particularly love the dragons, but the dolls have incredible detail that you can't help but be impressed with.  Amy, my pictures here don't do you justice because it was dark inside the hall but I really enjoyed meeting you, hearing your story, and looking over your creations.


Great venue to keep on the calendar for next year!




- Warm and inviting!

- Lovely table layouts and very talented exhibitors

- Tough parking!  Would love to see signs next time to help people know where to park.

- The entrance fee is $2 OR a non-perishable food item for charity cause...wonderful idea.