The Trestler House Christmas Show / La Maison Trestler, Marché de Noel

I apologize in advance, but I was an exhibitor in the Trestler House Marché de Noel and was too busy to check out the other exhibitors!  But I will speak in general about my take on this show, and can also give a different perspective as a participant rather than a visitor.


The Trestler House is an incredibly interesting venue!  From an exhibitor's perspective, it was pleasantly different than most since there wasn't the typical gigantic room with all vendors together in rows.  This is a real house - a huge one - where the vendors are dispersed throughout all the rooms of the house along with paintings, photography and sculptures which are on display from local artists throughout the year.  Outside were food/bakery producers, alpacas, bouncy castles, and Santa! The show was a wonderful success with 65 vendors and over 3000 visitors!




- This show is a must-see. Incredibly interesting venue for visitors

- Parking is found on the neighborhood streets, so could be a bit of a walk to get onsite

- Some rooms were very warm when crowded

- Great activities (and food) for the whole family

- Artwork from local artists available for viewing at the same time.