Westwood High Craft Fair

I've been sick all week so I'm only visiting the Westwood High Craft Fair this weekend because I live nearby.  I'd love to go to the Pointe Claire Salon des Artisans but...oh well, next year!


The parking is fantastic since it's in a school.  The venue is small, however, and I wasn't happy to see one exhibitor selling items they purchased online from Chinese suppliers.  If this is really a "Craft Fair", then someone shouldn't be allowed to go and buy from China websites and sell the goods in a booth.  Shame, shame - and too bad for the talented other vendors who have worked hard on their handmade items.


My favorite pick for this day would be an interesting product.  "Chez Homai" (www.chezhomai.com) creates personalized children's books while you wait.  You choose a story and book format - anything from princess stories to Batman and Spiderman - and you add the name of your "little one" who will be the primary character, or will be aiding a famous superhero.  You can also name 3 other people in the story, so it becomes a fun and personalized adventure for any boy or girl.  Nice that it is printed while you wait, and the finished product is very professional!


Great to give a personalized Christmas gift that will help a child learn (practice reading) and that he or she can keep and admire for many years to come.




- Great parking, easy to find venue

- Friendly and helpful exhibitors

- Boo-Hiss to the vendor selling items bought from China online!