St-Clet Christmas Show

An impressive first show!  My visit to (and exposition at) the St-Clet Christmas show was a pleasant and memorable experience.  It was extremely well-run and the organizers encouraged (and LISTENED TO) the comments and opinions from both the visitors and vendors.  I fully expect the next show to be even more successful.


The food vendors were great...since there is a kitchen onsite, there were freshly-baked pastries whose fragrance filled the room.  My favorite artisan would be the 3-D artwork of "Cadres en 3 Dimensions" since I've seen this kind of work done before but never in the detail that Margot Bellavance (from Ile Perrot) demonstrates.  Also memorable were the paintings of Francine Crevier.


Unfortunately, I'm a jewelry designer but regret to say there was too much jewelry  at this show - visitors were probably overwhelmed with it and some was not handmade.  But other than that, there were a multitude of products and I was very impressed with the diversity and quality.


St-Clet (the town) was remarkably generous and welcoming to the vendors and the visitors alike.  I will remember this venue for that reason, above all others.




- GREAT parking facilities

- Nice diversity of vendors

- Nice artisan food products offered

- Non-handmade jewelry vendor (I want to see artisan work!)

- Wonderfully managed, friendly