Catch-up 2012

Too much happened in the past year to go into great detail, but here is a summary of what I've worked on :


  • Completed a written business plan,
  • Established a marketing concept (Inner-Strength, Peace, Diva),
  • Established wholesaler contacts for purchasing and built diverse inventory of parts,
  • Hired out the design of a company logo & product line logos, business cards and jewelry tags,
  • Purchased and set up a bead manager software to track inventory of parts and pieces and help tag my products.  Over 600 "parts" and 170 "pieces" entered by the end of 2012! ("parts" are the parts used to make a completed jewelry "piece"),
  • Photographed my pieces and printed a beautiful portfolio (that has certainly impressed and opened doors for me),
  • Created a company website,
  • Participated in my first artisan show,
  • Started establishing a “custom” clientele (people approaching me to create custom pieces from family heirloom jewelry or just custom designs).
  • Commenced a QuickBooks file and entered all expenses, sales & purchases for the year,
  • Opened a separate banking account to track my business expenses,
  • Learned that a successful business does not happen overnight and I need to work on focusing my attention and my direction...and stick with my plan.


When I start to get frustrated and feel I'm not getting anywhere, I like to review this list to see how far I've come!!  I've always done that in life - when some huge task lies before me, I try to be focus on how much I'm accomplishing along the way instead of looking at how much I still have left to do.

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