a fantastic golf tournament gift!


Colourful beads and a Stainless Steel chain accent the strong neodymium magnet that holds your golf ball marker firmly in place. Your marker is at your finger tips at all times, while YOU make a fabulous fashion statement!


Mark your ball, then return the marker easily to your jewel magnet without even looking - the magnet practically reaches out and grabs the marker.





FOR BULK ORDERS, purchase "as is" or we offer to CUSTOMIZE the look by:

  • replacing the Mark'r Park'r marker with your own golf club or company's ball marker, 
  • incorporating beads matching the colours of your club or company logo.

MODELS available :

The LOOP'R (attaches to belt loop) . The CHARM'R (necklace) . The ARM'R (bracelet)

** FOR BULK ORDERS, please contact us by phone or email for more details. **